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  • Five ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day with your dog

    It's St. Patrick's Day and many people are getting into the spirit by dressing up in green, decorating their homes with shamrocks, and indulging in traditional Irish food and drink. But what about our furry friends? Can they join in on the festivities? Specifically, can dogs partake in St. Patrick's Day celebrations?

  • Bundobust launches FREE plant-based treats for dogs to woof down

    To mark World Animal Day today, the original Indian street food and craft beer hall Bundobust now caters for canines and has collaborated with plant-based dog bakery Queens of the Bone Age to offer free bespoke treats to ensure pups are comfortable during their visit

  • How to take your dog on holiday? Preparation is key!

    It’s holiday time! Here at Queens of the Bone Age HQ we are looking forward to a well earned break and spending some time with our families (both ...
  • Dog treats you should avoid feeding your pup

    We all love to treat our dogs and it's no surprise that the UK market is worth around £500m a year. But do you really know what you’re feeding you...
  • Why does my dog lick my face?

    Hands up if your dog regularly lunges at your face and gives it a good sloppy lick? *Raises hand* It could be for a few reasons. They might be gea...
  • How do you keep your dog cool as the temperatures rise?

    Whewf! It’s hot here at Queens Of The Bone Age HQ and it looks as though the sunshine is here to stay! Here are some tips on keeping your favourit...
  • How do dogs see the world?

    It’s easy to think that dogs experience the world in the same way that we do. We all seek snacks, snuggles, sleep, shelter… We’re both sociable cr...
  • Superfoods for dogs - what are health benefits of spirulina and beetroot?

    We know that superfoods have great benefits for human health. But what about the benefits for your favourite four legged friend?
  • Four healthy ways to treat your pup

    As owners we are responsible for the physical health of our pets as well as just their happiness. It is up to us to give our doggies the best and healthiest life that we are able to. So what kind of treats, and importantly in what amounts, are healthy?