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How to take your dog on holiday? Preparation is key!

How to take your dog on holiday

It’s holiday time! Here at Queens of the Bone Age HQ we are looking forward to a well earned break and spending some time with our families (both the human and doggy kind!).

If you are thinking about taking your dog on holiday, make sure you plan before booking. Preparation is key when it comes to taking your dog on holiday whether in the UK or abroad. If they are not used to it, travelling can be stressful for your pet. Here are some things to bear in mind, for both you and your favourite furry friend, when planning your trip to make things as smooth and stress free as possible.

Before you set out:

  • Visit your vet’s a few months in advance of your trip. This will ensure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and any other country specific requirements. For example both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland require that dogs are treated for tapeworm before arriving in the country.
  • Research your destination thoroughly before setting out. Check out what dog-friendly activities there are in the area and make sure you know the number of the nearest vet’s with an emergency ‘out of hours’ service just in case. 
  • If you are travelling abroad, visit your vet again within ten days of the start of your trip. They can issue a health certificate for your dog allowing them to travel. This must be used within ten days of being issued. 
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and their collar has up to date contact details on it. Just in case your pup gets lost these will help you to be reunited as soon as possible. 

Once you are on the road:

  • Take some of your dog’s favourite items such as familiar smelling blankets and toys. This will help any new surroundings feel more familiar for them and help comfort them whilst on the road. 
  • Pack plenty of supplies for the journey, including treats, food and plastic bags. The call of nature still calls whilst on holiday!
  • Make sure you plan plenty of rest and toilet stops along the way. Nothing will kill the holiday mood quicker than an accident in the car. 

At your destination:

  • Give your pup plenty of time to explore their new surroundings and get used to their new environment.
  • Try to keep as much to your dog’s usual routine as you can. This will help them settle into the holiday and feel more relaxed.
  • Give them plenty of time to rest. Among all the holiday activities and excitement make sure your dog has plenty of time to rest undisturbed in a quiet place. 
Hopefully by using the steps above as a guide and by preparing thoroughly and planning in advance your trip will be as smooth and stress free as possible. We hope that you and your doggo enjoy your holiday. Bon Voyage!